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7 Myths About Women In Business

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it would have been difficult to have switched on the news, opened a paper or checked your social media updates without realising that yesterday was International Women’s Day. In support of that and since today’s the first day of the business week, I thought it might be a

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The 5 Core Characteristics of Great Entrepreneurs

I’ve worked with and mentored a lot of entrepreneurs over the years. And whilst we all love to analyse the theories and strategies that we can learn from others to make things work better in your business as for an entrepreneur, we often forget that there are also character traits that we could look to develop as well. You

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The most powerful question you can ask yourself in business

As business owners — really just as humans — it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in reacting to day to day life. And while that’s certainly important, it’s really easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and end up bouncing around doing a bunch of different things instead of making real progress. To

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10 templates for saying no

Saying no properly is a lost art. Although a lot of people feel really awkward about saying no, I think women especially get uncomfortable with it, because we’re more societally trained to be people pleasers. But it’s one of the most important skills that you can master, because it ensures that you can keep your

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What Is Mindfulness? Get More Done… By Doing Less

It’s only an hour into my flight and 102 pages into ‘Thrive’ by Arrianna Huffington and I’ve decided to change my life. Permanently. I’m hoping this post might encourage you to do the same. I’ve been known as the queen of multitasking for far too long. Whether it was out of a misguided sense of duty

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