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The Most Underrated Personal Quality in Business

The Most Underrated Personal Quality in Business A few weeks ago I was so excited to be interviewed on ITV’s This Morning — behind the scenes I had the chance to connect with co-host Eamonn Holmes, who it turned out remembered me from when we met decades ago, back when I was still with Chris Eubanks in

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How to Avoid Overcommitment

OK, hands up — who among you feels like you’re doing too much? And how much of your to do list is made up of things that you’ve promised you’ll do, but you actually really don’t want to do? Overcommitment is incredibly common; in fact, it’s one of the main ways that people get stuck

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Why Being Productive Is Killing Your Business

There’s so much talk about productivity when you’re an entrepreneur. People always try to have a “productive” day, there are productivity apps for every conceivable aspect of business, and in fact, it you Google “how to be productive in business”, you’ll get over 123 million responses. But even though being “productive” has become almost like

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