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Can You Really Do It All?

In short, no. It’s just not possible. At least not all at the same time. We’re simply trying to do too much: run a business, prioritise the people we love, read, see our friends, write more, learn new skills, blog more, watch Netflix (yes, this counts), have some ‘me’ time, run more, make sure we

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Be Yourself… Everyone Else is Taken

The most powerful thing we can do is learn to be ourselves. I know that sounds a bit crazy… who else are we supposed to be? The truth is, it’s a lot harder than it seems. For most of us, we have spent years trying to be who people tell us we should be, often

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The Lies Our Minds Tell Us (That Hold Us Back)

I talk about business a LOT. Usually it’s about ‘hard’ skills, practical skills; teaching people how to acquire new skills.When I talk about how important our ‘mindset’ is in all of this, some people think it’s just a platitude and not really all that relevant. I never quite understand how managing our mind is considered

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6 ways to be happier today

Here’s something you are probably relieved to hear: I’m not always the zealous, go-getting entrepreneur you see on the internet. Like everyone else, I have my bad days too. We all have these moments, but it’s how we get through them that matters. So here’s the good news: even on bad says you have the

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How To Avoid Burnout

One of the things I found out when I was doing research for Do Less, Get More that impacted me the most was what a huge effect stress has on people — the majority of people report being at least ‘relatively’ unhappy for most of the middle part of their lives and the NHS estimates

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