Believe the Hype

The Antidote to the Business Coach Who’s Never Run a Real Business​​

Knowing who you can trust in business can be tough.

How can you tell the ‘real deal’ from the chancers and charlatans?

It’s actually pretty simple. Just take a look at their track record.

Here’s mine in case you were wondering…

LSE - The London School of Economics and Political Science

Economics Degree From The London School Of Economics​

(so I know the theory *and* the practice of making money)

Awarded an MBE from the Queen for Services to Business and Entrepreneurship​​

(you can’t buy that shizzle #justsaying)

Worked around a kitchen table with Sir James Dyson building the Dyson brand and was head hunted personally by Richard Branson​

(... all before my 24th birthday)

CEO of a $100 million technology fund.​

(Yep, kept that one a little quiet!)

Record breaking, best selling author.  #1 Best Selling Business book in WH Smiths for 14 months in a row!​

(Breaking all their records).

Sunday Times Best Seller List​.

(and no, you can’t buy that either)

And at one time, the world’s only licensed female boxing manager​

(22 World Title fights under my belt)

… and let’s not forget 250,000 books and 20,000 courses sold, awards won, and all the figures earned. 

*… and no, it’s no it’s not just about the numbers, but they stack up too.

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