Hey guys,
I’m Sháá

I’m on a mission to help women across the world truly realise their self-worth. Not just in our businesses – but through every thread of our lives.

I’m an entrepreneur through and through; from the heart. It never really made sense for me to work for someone else, even though I tried it once. It’s just not in my DNA. Truth be told, I wouldn’t make a good employee.

I believe we all have gifts to offer the world. And it starts by figuring out who we really are, what we really love and then going all in on serving others.

The Business Stuff

Ive been called a serial entrepreneur, but I’m not really one for labels. Ive done SO many things in my career, you could be forgiven for thinking Ive got itchy feet. But honestly? I don’t.

I just believe in doing what we love. And that means having the courage to follow our hearts and reinvent ourselves, as we grow into the women we are meant to become.

Along the way, I am grateful to have  been recognised with some lovely awards – including an MBE from The Queen “for Services to Business and Entrepreneurship”. Ive also been named one of the UKs Top 20 Most Influential Entrepreneurs by The Sunday Times and one of the ‘Most Influential Women in the UK’ by the Institute of Directors.

Taking my 90-year-old Nan to Buckingham Palace was one of the proudest moment of my life. Not just for the award itself (although obviously Im proud of that too) but because I was able to share that experience with one of the most important women in my life; my Nan. She’s exactly the same age as the Queen, but she could never have imagined she would be in the actual palace meeting her. That made my heart sing.


In 2015, I made a life altering decision: I quit my job (and my salary) as CEO of my own business (one I no longer was cut out to run) to live life on my terms.


Created an incredible online community in The 6 Figure Club and have taught thousands of like minded entrepreneurs how to build successful online businesses.


Was a year of personal and business growth. Learning what I really loved to do … and what I didn’t. And being brave enough to change what needed to change. It also saw the launch of my 4th #1 Best Selling Book; How To Fix Your Sh*t. 


The Author

I’ve wanted to write since I was 8 years old. I just never thought it was a ‘proper’ job. It took me 30 years to find the self-belief I needed to finally do the work I truly love (so if youre feel like you’re still searching for that courage – I get it).

So far, Ive written 4 straight-talking, bestselling books; Stop Talking, Start Doing; Stop Talking, Start Doing Action BookDo Less, Get More; and most recently, How To Fix Your Shi*t. And you know there’s more to come!

The Background

I was born in the US and raised in the UK. I studied at the London School of Economics before becoming the only licensed female boxing promoter in the world at the time, working with the legendary Super Middle Weight Champion Chris Eubank.

Then, I set up my own PR company and met the formidable Sir James Dyson (before he was a Sir) who became my first client. I helped grow the Dyson brand from around his kitchen table and learned more there than I ever could with an MBA.

I learned so much about business from these men, all of them legends in their own lifetime. They gave me opportunities way past my ‘pay grade’ and I’m forever grateful. In fact, gratitude and paying it forward are two things I do my best to practice, every single day.

You name it, I might have done it (or at least tried!). Multiple online businesses, including one with Sir Bob Geldof and another sold to BSkyB. I also ran an investment fund and launched what became the largest online resource for small businesses in the UK.

Did everything work out? No way. BUT everything Ive done has been a lesson.

So, that’s my resume. But if you want to know what makes me me, its this…

My Reason Why

I believe we are all made for more. We’re here for a reason and sometimes, it just takes a while to find our way. Sometimes we get lost and sometimes we need a guide.

The greatest courage is to follow your own path. 
Even through the rockiest of terrain.

It’s OK to not know all the answers, to feel stuck and frustrated; it happens to us all.
But it’s not OK to stay stuck. You don’t need to. 

Nothing great is ever created in your comfort zone.

Can I can help you build a better business? Sure. I’ve built and sold companies, I’ve made millions from my back yard, I’ve won awards and accolades – but that’s not the important stuff.

It’s the lessons I’ve learned along the way. The things that have brought me to my knees; the things I wish I’d done differently and all the things I wish I’d known.

You don’t have to do this alone.

So if you’re fed up of playing small; if you’re ready to truly grow into yourself, doing what you love and making all the money you want…you’re in the right place. I’ve got you.

I’ll show you HOW to build to your brand, grow your audience, create products you love AND make real money at the same time.

Ready? Let’s go!

Just click here now to join us. Take that next step. Push yourself out of that comfort zone and trust that YOU are reading this, right now, for a reason.

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