A Valentine’s Ode … To An Alpha Female

So in response to yesterday's Valentine's Schmalentine's tweet, my lovely friend Tous sent me this … Feel free to comment, I think!


Letter to an Alpha Female


You’ll probably get a 1000 gifts from a 100 different hopefuls,

Some from guys who should know better, some married and some really woeful.

Hearts will crash broken on your welcome mat, like a quiet Whitstable tide

Proposals of marriage and excitement; life they’ll promise, will be a fun ride.

But after the big words, the promise of devotion, what’s really left?

Will those letters turn to action or be hot air from a macho chest?

Will they accept your alpha ways and get in line when required?

Will they close the loo seat and fill the bloody machine as desired?

Will they eat organic, make herbal tea and chew lovely roast veg?

Will they make you smile and laugh for no reason and know what’s in your head?

Will they be tall, broad and handsome and generally quite nice?

Will mum and gran like them and will they deal with mice?

Who knows what the future holds? It’s as clear as a dark, deep sea dive.

You see, St. Valentine’s Day is a 24-hour dream but real partnerships are live.

You never know quite what life has planned for you scrawled on Love's cruel pad,

With whom we choose to spend our sunset days is more than just a fad.

But consider your offers carefully: Does he fulfil your every need?

Does he talk to you lovingly when you've strongly disagreed?

Does he want to see you when times are really tough?

Does he like to look at you when you’re a complete scruff?

Can he take your refusal to never see the world in shades of grey?

Will simply seeing him smile brighten up your tiring day?

Who knows where love leads us but its destination is always unclear.

Who we fall in love with drives sane men to despair.


Hmmm, so much to consider and really so little time.

But it’s the little things that matter, the big things are fine.

My thoughts? It's clearly the attention to detail that will capture your firm heart.

The man who understands this will have won that race from the start.


(c) Toussaint Davy