5 Ways to Fall Back in Love With Your Business #3 is My Favourite!

Have you ever woken up and asked yourself “Why am I doing this?” I’ve yet to meet an entrepreneur who hasn’t had moments like this. Moments when they’ve temporarily, but completely fallen out of love with their business. If this sounds like you and your business, hope is not lost! And if you’re just starting out, read this so you stay in love with your business right from the outset.

#1 Remember your “why” – why did you start the business in the first place? What did you want to achieve? What did you want to teach? What message did you want to share? What did you want to do? When you lose sight of your purpose, you fall out of love.

#2 Are you still doing what you love? How many of the things you set out to do are you actually doing in your business right now? Write a list of what’s stopping you. If you try to resolve them all at once, you will undoubtedly fail. I know that’s happened to me on many occasions! Instead tackle the list one by one.

#3 Outsourcing and Delegation. Falling out of love with your business is often more about being consumed doing the things you don’t enjoy rather than falling out of love with the business itself. When you get trapped working in the business rather than on the possibilities of the business. When the monotony of everyday tasks run your life. Sound familiar? If it does, now it’s time to start thinking about outsourcing and delegation. You’re not supposed to do everything yourself! You need to free up your time to focus on the parts of the business you love. By focusing more on what you love, you’ll be happier and more productive. I’m sure you’ll make more money too. PS There will be a outsourcing post coming up soon!

#4 Money. No matter how much you love your business , if you’re not making enough money, you will soon fall out of love. Accounts, profits, margins … doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of stuff you fall in love with. But you should. You need to be making enough so you stop worrying about it! How much time do you spend worrying about money? Stop hiding the issue under the carpet. Time to face it up front.

#5 Stop. If you’ve really completely fallen out of love with your business and you’re only carrying on out of some kind of duty, you need to stop. You need to recognise the difference between a dip, which you can get out of and a dead end which you can’t.