5 Reasons Why Online Courses Are The Key To Turning Your Passion Into Cash

Nothing sells like sheer, unabashed passion, does it? When someone clearly loves what they do, I want to join in the party.

So if passion sells, are you monetising your passion? You know, that one thing that gets you springing out of bed in the morning and occupies your every waking thought for the rest of the day? Is it working for you?

Yes? No? Maaaaybe?

The fact is, if you’re still trading your time for money, your passion probably isn’t earning you anywhere near as much cash as it could. It’s time to flip the script.
What if you could turn your passion into a business with no limits on your earning potential? What if you could serve hundreds, maybe thousands of customers, the world over?

Now we’re talking.

Well, that’s why I believe that online courses are THE #1 way to monetise your passion and unlock all those opportunities you might never have dared dream of before. Here’s why.

1) Your time is not scalable—but online courses are

Ever found yourself running out of hours in the day and thinking “if only I could clone myself I could do x, y and z”?

Or turning down lucrative client work because you can’t quite juggle another project on top of your current workload?

Me too. And you know what?

When you’re trading time for money, it whacks a big old limit on what you can do in a day and how much you can earn.

But when you turn the business model on its head and create an online course product with your passion and knowledge, you’ve suddenly got something scalable that you can sell a limitless number of times to a huge number of people, all around the world.

Bye-bye limited earnings; hello infinite potential.

2) It’s all in you

OK, OK. I know that the idea of creating and selling an online course might sound daunting, but think of it like this: It’s just a matter of packaging up all that you know about your passion in a way that you can share and sell again and again and again.

The truth is, you know way more than you realise—all the subject-matter knowledge you need is in you, already.

You know that passion of yours?

I promise you, it has intrinsic value.

Your knowledge is a valuable commodity that people want. Lots of people. Which leads me to my next point…

3) Online learning is booming

This year, the US e-learning market alone is predicted to top 27 billion dollars.

Globally, it’s growing mega-fast.

There is quite simply no better time to get involved. Why? Because we can know for sure that people in their thousands are buying online courses.

The appetite is there and customers are ravenous! Just take a look at sites like Udemyto see the sheer range of courses available and just how many people are buying them. It’s a proven market with low barriers to entry, meaning that you can get involved right now.

4) Make money while you sleep—and shape the life you want

Now, this is a biggie.

I don’t know about you, but no matter how passionate I may be about work, I’m equally (if not more) passionate about balance—spending time with my family and friends, taking care of myself and just grabbing life and enjoying it.

But to be completely blunt, when you’re trading time for money, something always has to give. If you’re hanging out with your kids, you’re probably not earning.

If you’re selling to a customer, you won’t be doing yoga right now.

But that all changes when you flip the script and turn your passion into online courses that can be sold from an automated platform and at absolutely any time. You’re unlocking personal freedom.

How good does that sound?

5) It’s your chance to smash the limits

Very few successful online coaches run one brilliant course and simply leave it at that.

Why would they?

Creating and selling online courses is so fast-moving, exciting and empowering that you won’t want to let anything stand in your way when it comes to going even further.

Get your first course under your belt and you’ll find that inspiration just keeps flowing.

You’ll find yourself releasing new, tweaked course versions and planning additional courses where you’ve spotted an opportunity.

You might even find yourself writing a bestselling business book (like me! #humblebrag).

Creating online courses allows you to smash through previous earning limits and achieve more than you ever realized you could.

As I’m sure you can see by now, online courses are the way to help you secure a very different kind of life and business.

But you might be wondering where to start…

Well, if you are, then my community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business-owners could be exactly what you need:

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