5 List Building Tools To Generate Sales Success

OK, this has been a topic of much debate recently. If you’re running your own business or even responsible for sales or marketing in someone else’s business, generating sales is going to be top of your list of priorities.

And it all boils down to a few key things. Data, conversations and conversions. You need to collect data, have valuable conversations and then convert into customers. if you don’t have valuable conversations, even the best data collection in the world won’t convert into customers.

So bearing that in mind and assuming you are having awesome conversations with your customers, here are some of my favourite list building tools for helping you collect data and convert more customers.

Personally, I use Infusionsoft and LeadPages, but at Smarta we used Mailchimp for years with great success.

Love to know what systems you guys use and what works for you…



With more than 5 million users, MailChimp can create, send and track email newsletters. MailChimp provides features and integrations that will suit any of your email marketing needs and produce content that will match your brand’s look and feel.




LeadPages offer an easy way to create mobile responsive landing pages, launch pages and sales pages. You can strengthen your audience, generate more leads and grow your list with a website that offers free training helping make your business even better.





A site that offers you simple, speedy email marketing with easy design tools and templates.  This email marketing software sends newsletters and follow ups and delivers an easy to use service to help expand your business.





A web application that can help anybody to build an online form that will automatically build your database and make collecting and understanding your data fast and easy.





A contact management software that lets you see everything about your contacts quickly and easily. Use your contact information to send targeted communications and create lists based on demographics and different behaviours.