2,875 ways to build your business

About 2 weeks ago, I jumped on a plane and headed to a place I’d never heard of before; Moncton, Canada. So far, not so unusual. But this time, I was flying out to Canada on Tuesday morning at 11.05 am and landing back in London on Thursday morning at 7.30am – yep, there and back in 48 hours! It’s exactly 2,875 miles from Greenwich to Moncton.

Was I going to sign a new book deal? No. A new business deal? No. Holiday? No.

Actually, I was doing something much more important, I was going to support my wonderful and gifted friend Dan Martell, a friend with incredible vision and passion that is only matched by the size of his heart and desire to support others.

Dan is the Founder of Clarity the most powerful platform to connect with experts in any industry and access their vast knowledge so you can make less mistakes, learn faster and solve your business challenges sooner. In a nutshell, it’s like having a Magic 8 Ball that always has the right answers. If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you stop reading and go test it out now … and yes, they do have an iPhone app too. It’s just as helpful for growing businesses as it is for start ups.

Dan is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and wanted to do something to connect his local high growth businesses so they could share their wisdom and empower each other to greater heights. My kind of motives. Dan had reached out to a few hundred business owners and personally whittled them down to the ones he knew would take the most action and be committed to collaborating beyond the event. In short, those that would #HustleAndServe.

So we jumped on a Skype call whilst I was in New Orleans for Yanik Silver’s 10th Underground event and we were brainstorming potential speakers; speakers who could both understand what he was trying to achieve, but also would be able to relate to all the different types of entrepreneurs from varying industries and at different stages of growth. I suggested a few names of people whom I thought would be brilliant. Then a funny thing happened. The next day, in the middle of the seminar I got a Skype message saying “Actually Renee (his awesome wife) and I were talking and we’d love it if you could come and speak”.

It took me about a nano second to reply … “I’d be honoured!”

At no point did I think about whether I had the time or the capacity or how tired I might be from such a whirlwind trip; all I thought about was that this was an opportunity to support someone who shares similar ideas, goals and values. It was an opportunity to be a friend. An opportunity to count. An opportunity to build the most important thing we have; relationships.

I am so glad I jumped on that plane. Just hanging out with Dan and Renee for 2 days would have made it worthwhile, but the fact that I got to meet and learn from 50 amazing hand picked entrepreneurs made it a gift.

Action: If you have an opportunity to make a contribution, don’t weigh it up, just do it. You never know where it might lead you. We only have a finite amount of time in this world, so let’s make it count. We need to learn to get better at saying No to the things that don’t count, so we can say Yes to the things that do (watch out for that blog coming next!).