10 Creative Writing Tips from Shaa


People ask me “How do you write?! I’d love to write, but when I sit down, the screen just looks blank!” I feel your pain!

Now, I’m not going to lie, it’s not always easy to write, but these are the creative writing tips I do to help with the creative process. These work for me whether I’m writing a book, a blog or a presentation, so even if you have no desire to become a New York Times Bestseller, you can still apply these tips to help the flow!

1.    I write early. From 5am until 7am. I love writing when the sun’s rising. Something about the light and the energy.

2.    I put all my ideas, notes and blogs into Evernote. Every idea I ever have, every great image, note, quote, or piece of research goes in there – now nothing can be lost.

3.    I drink coffee. Probably too much, but the good stuff.

4.    I write about subjects I care about, not what’s ‘current’ – unless the two combine.

5.    I ‘batch’ creating content. If I leave to the night before, it never happens.

6.    I switch everything else off. No emails, no Facebook, no Twitter. That’s why writing at 5 am is good – not too many other people are up!

7.    I use images, but I don’t use them gratuitously.

8.    I subscribe to blogs and podcasts from people that inspire me. One idea sparks another.

9.    I make sure the space around me is clutter free. Clear space, clear mind.

10. Think, Write, Edit, Polish … Repeat.


If you’ve got any tips, tricks or rituals, I’d love to hear them !