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  • The 5 Core Characteristics of Great Entrepreneurs

    The 5 Core Characteristics of Great Entrepreneurs -

    I’ve worked with and mentored a lot of entrepreneurs over the years. And whilst we all love to analyse the theories and strategies that we can learn from others to make things work better in your business as for an entrepreneur, we often forget that there are also character traits that we could look to develop as well. You…

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  • Do you run your business from a place of love or fear?

    Love or Fear -

    Every business I’ve ever seen is based on one of two things: love or fear. The ones that are based on love are easy to spot. They’ve got a greater mission in mind, they tend to attract loads of raving fans, they’re not afraid to experiment, and they tend to produce really interesting, innovative products…

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  • The most powerful question you can ask yourself in business


    As business owners — really just as humans — it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in reacting to day to day life. And while that’s certainly important, it’s really easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and end up bouncing around doing a bunch of different things instead of making real progress. To…

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  • What To Do When It Feels Like You’ll Never Succeed

    I’ll be the first one to tell you that working for yourself is amazing. I’ve done it for my entire career and I’d never change it. And while I am absolutely ecstatic to see so many people taking advantage of the amazing opportunities that are now available for working for yourself, I think its very…

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I think my unusual background has given me a broader perspective on both life and business.

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From the US to the UK, a state school to a scholarship to the City of London School for Girls, from the London School of Economics to writing for Cosmo, the only female boxing manager to starting my own businesses.

I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some incredible people, both in the world of sport (Chris Eubank, Don King, Barry Hearn) and business: Sir Bob Geldof (as part of the founding team of and Sir James Dyson, who I am proud to have helped usurp Hoover as consumer champion. In fact, what I learned from them was more valuable than any MBA I could have done, anywhere.

Make It Happen Now! Download: 21 Steps To Creating A Business You Love!