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  • What I Learned Last Week

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    Our upbringing shouldn’t be an excuse to ‘know no better’, it should be our reason to ‘treat people better’. Your kids can pick up your best and worst traits. Jett’s managed to negotiate 3, yes 3 birthday parties this year… I still have one more left to go! If you have no role model when you’re growing up, grow up to be one yourself. Imitation is the least creative form…

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  • Why would you photoshop your life?

    NOTE: This blog was originally posted on Facebook earlier this week and received so many comments that it clearly hit home for a lot of people … Link to the original post at the end of the blog. Someone just commented to me that they thought I was very ‘transparent’ on Facebook. That I shared not just the wins and the selfies, but also the moments when things are more…

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  • How To Create The Work You Love 

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    For many years, I ran the type of business I thought I was ‘supposed’ to … you know, the one with investors, board directors, 50 page business plans … Now don’t get me wrong, there was much about that business that I loved, but also a lot that I didn’t. I was building a business based on what I thought I ‘should’ be doing. Growing up the way I did,…

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  • What I Learnt This Week

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    This is going to be a regular post from me … reflecting on what I have learned in the last week; whether personally or professionally. Most of the time it will be directly related to my experiences, but every now and then it may be observations of others. Hopefully it will make you nod, wince and smile in equal measure. Who knows, maybe I can help save you make a…

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I think my unusual background has given me a broader perspective on both life and business.

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From the US to the UK, a state school to a scholarship to the City of London School for Girls, from the London School of Economics to writing for Cosmo, the only female boxing manager to starting my own businesses.

I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside some incredible people, both in the world of sport (Chris Eubank, Don King, Barry Hearn) and business: Sir Bob Geldof (as part of the founding team of and Sir James Dyson, who I am proud to have helped usurp Hoover as consumer champion. In fact, what I learned from them was more valuable than any MBA I could have done, anywhere.

Make It Happen Now! Download: 21 Steps To Creating A Business You Love!